BIMmanager – your application for TEKLA Structures?

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BIMmanager the ultimate application to manage and QA Tekla Structures models?

BIMmanager don’t affect your existing way to work with Tekla Structures.

BIMmanager only aministrate and secure your existing way of working.

BIMmanager QA all your Tekla objects and associated BIMdata.

BIMmanager offers you a open database where you predefine your existing object designstructure and associated BIMdata.

BIMmanager offers you a unique dialog where you select all your database predefined objects with 100% QA object and BIMdata. No manual input through the keyboard, you only select the objects using BIMmanager dialog and the keyboard.

BIMmanager designed Tekla models will secure that all your predefined filters and settings will work with 100% accuracy. All filters and sets, View, Selection, Object, Object representation, Detailed object level settings, IfcPropertySets, Reports, Automatic dimension, etc. Why? Because you design objects from your predefined BIMmanager database.

BIMmanagers limitation is your imagination.
BIM-manager, BUY for 5000 SEK or download a full functional 14-day free trial version. Click here for DOWNLOAD request.
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Welcome to this tutorial video about our BIM-manager application for Tekla Structures.

BIM-manager information videos, HD-quality