BIM-manager, THE application for TEKLA Structures

  • How to describe something that no one can imagine exists?
  • BIM-manager don’t disturb anything in your existing way of creating drawings, sceduling etc.
  • You database document your objects and BIM-manager manage them through your designwork.
  • You database define, manage and create your TEKLA objects with 100% QA when using BIM-manager dialog.
  • Document and manage your existing design structure in our flexible database.
  • Create any companysuited predefined databases object structure.
  • Implement any WoldWide BIM-standard to your objects.
  • Implement multipel BIM-standards for each object.
  • Look through the BIM-managers videos and request a download version for 14 days trial to evaluate all other features not mentioned in the videos.

BIM-manager, BUY for 400€ or download a full functional 14-day free trial version. Click here for DOWNLOAD request.

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Welcome to this tutorial video about our BIM-manager application for Tekla Structures.

BIM-manager information videos, HD-quality